Welcome to SHIFT – Burning Man 2016!

We’re excited to see you again!  SHIFT is all about the community experience and recognizing those “ah-ha” moments in time when you find yourself in the middle of a paradigm shift.  This is not another night at the disco and we are not a hotel camp.  Please come prepared to contribute and participate in your own experience. We are drama and clique free. Bring your open mind and an open heart, and leave work and stress back in the default world. We ask you to push your boundaries, and to take some time to think about how to evolve and make this the best year on the playa for yourself and for 70,000 of your closest friends.

Remember SHIFT is about ‘set and setting’.  Camp is built for us, by us.  This means YOU!

We have no “sherpas” and we don’t have maids. Clean up after yourself, be self-reliant and participate.

For the newbies: No bad attitudes, self entitlement, bitchiness, or douchary will be tolerated!

Violators will be aggressively crowd-shamed and ridiculed by many whilst being ejected from camp after being covered in honey and rolled in the playa.

All information collected is strictly confidential and will not be shared outside of SHIFT.

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